December 2016


There are times when living in Ireland offers special moments - to be able to play golf at the end of December is one of them. No queues, no wind, no snow. Of course, we can't guarantee all of this, but you must admit it is glorious!


And in case you're wondering, Lowell took this photo just before teeing off at Cairndhu Golf  Club.You may not have heard of it, but it is a little gem on the East coast of County Antrim.




November 2016


Thank you for reading this far in your new site.  We will do our best to keep you up to date with developments in Irish tourism – on both sides of the now open to negotiation border.  Both the Brexit vote and sterling’s subsequent decline have caused uncertainty for the industry on this island but the good news for you, dear traveller, is that Ireland offers exceedingly good value, particularly if you are buying in dollars of any denomination: US, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand or Singapore.

Carol and I have set up this venture to offer the more discriminating traveller a fairly unique and crafted experience. After 20 years of arranging golf and scenic tours for Lynchpin, I wanted to create tours which were more closely tailored to our clients’ specifications and enthusiasms.


If we can give you the sort of experience which will forever elude the coachloads, then so much the better. If we can introduce you to suppliers with whom we have very good relations, better still. And best of all if you enjoy it so much that you want to come back and try something else.  That is our sole aim.






Lowell Courtney Tours