Food in Ireland

Irish food can reflect the men in Ireland - at times abysmal, but having the potential to be breathtakingly wonderful.  If you wish your plate piled high with fats and carbohydrates, there are still many establishments that will accommodate you.  You will get “a good feed”. 


However, there are oases where quantity is not the main criterion, and the concept of quality has been firmly established.  New chefs are now creating rather than aping.  Taking fresh home-grown produce and applying their own special alchemy, they are giving credence to the term “Irish cuisine”.


There exists a cornucopia of culinary possibilities - the Irish have long since embraced the idea that eating provides more than fuel for the body.  It is a social event, bringing friends and family together.  You will find Michelin-starred restaurants, a copious offering of foreign cuisines and good plain Irish cooking.


Now, you can come to Ireland and enjoy the food, or you can come and learn about it.  Carol Courtney believes that a culinary tour should not consist of sight-seeing plus a few nice meals.  There should be good meals, yes, but also visits to producers and, of course, some essential hands-on experience.


Explore the cuisine of Ireland as it developed from bread and potatoes to dishes that are sublime.


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