Lowell Courtney Tours is a small all-Ireland tour company, and the natural successor of Lynchpin Tours. 


Lowell has spent the last 30 years helping clients get the best return from their time in Ireland, and together with his wife Carol, is keen to continue doing so.


LCT is not another large tour company which simply processes tourists, giving them little choice as regards their itineraries, accommodation and activities; nor is it so exclusive that only the mega-rich can afford to use its services.


No! LCT provides a service where clients can have some say in the decision-making, and Lowell firmly believes in the importance of speaking directly with clients during the planning phase.


With LCT you will see the real Ireland and avoid the tourist traps; you will travel roads that large tour coaches cannot; you will meet people who embody the best of Ireland.


Lowell and Carol know Ireland because that's where they live; they know the roads of Ireland because they travel them regularly; they know the best of Ireland because they have experienced it.


There is no substitute for taking advantage of this first-hand knowledge of Ireland.


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Lowell Courtney Tours